WE ARE STILL SERVICING CUSTOMERS: First and foremost, the health, safety and general well-being of our family of employees, customers, vendors and the communities within which we work and live are our highest priority. Arnoff’s executive management continues to monitor this evolving threat to ensure that we, as a company, act in the most appropriate ways with health and safety in mind. Currently, we are promoting increased vigilance by our staff and following the various WHO and CDC guidelines as they are provided. This includes encouraging social distancing amongst and between our employees and customers, as well as frequent hand washing and sanitization of our equipment and facilities. SEE LINK FOR VIRTUAL SURVEY BELOW
1. What kinds of storage options do you offer?

Arnoff has the perfect storage solution for every customer, including household goods storage, portable self-storage HomePAKs, mini-self storage units, commercial and industrial storage, climate control storage, on-site ground containers, storage trailers, and records storage. See Storage Solutions.

2. Are there things I should not pack?

Yes! You should consider transporting valuable and irreplaceable items in the car rather than on the truck, such as cash, family photos, collections, deeds and wills, jewelry, and moving documents. In addition, there are many items that cannot be put on the truck, such as explosives, compressed gases, flammable liquids and solids, oxidizers, poisons, corrosives, as well as radioactive and other hazardous materials. Typical examples of items that cannot be moved include nail polish remover, paints and paint thinners, propane cylinders, automotive repair and maintenance chemicals, radio-pharmaceuticals, lighter fluid, gasoline, fireworks, oxygen bottles, firearms, matches, food in glass jars and perishable foods, and prescription drugs needed for immediate use. See Moving Tips.

3. Can Arnoff transport my items overseas?

Arnoff is an experience overseas shipper with all the tools to safely transport entire households, business operations, commercial cargo, and artworks of all sizes and dimensions to any overseas destination. We will handle the packing and logistics to ensure every phase of the move goes smoothly. See International Shipments.

4. Does Arnoff provide special crates to ship my paintings and sculptures?

Yes, Arnoff has a crating department specializing in building custom crates for the unique size and nature of each individual item. Accurate measurements are taken to build just the right-sized crate fitted with foam to ensure that our sturdy crates protect your valuable item(s) during the rigors of transportation. Overseas shipments are another specialty of ours, since all of our crates comply with international standards and we handle all of the logistics to deliver your crate(s) where they need to go. See Fine Art & High Value.

5. We need to have a very heavy object moved out of our basement. Can Arnoff handle this?

Yes! Arnoff's Rigging Service is staffed with experienced riggers who specialize in relocating heavy, large equipment and high value items, such as printing presses, air handling units, boilers and heaters, machine shops, diesel generators, sculptures, safes, and semi conductor chip FAB equipment. Our OSHA certified team offers full turnkey rigging services including industrial storage, heavy hauling and clean room certification. See Office and Industrial.